Garry Starr



"Uproariously funny...a superb, accessible clown"


The Scotsman

"Exquisite clowning...effortlessly hour you won't want to end"


The List (UK)

"The lunatic absurdity of the show’s flapdoodle humour (which at its best attains a Pythonesque quality) will lay siege to any serious defence you might have against laughing like a drain."

Sydney Morning Herald

"A masterclass in silliness"


Fest Mag (UK)

"A genuinely unpredictable experience...surprising, brilliant and clever"


Beyond The Joke (UK)

Having single-handedly saved the performing arts in 2018 with his multi-award-winning debut solo show, comic wunderkind Garry Starr delivers another anarchic drama masterclass to remember.

Acting was invented by the ancient Greeks. Before that, people were just pretending. With the release of his groundbreaking new book An Actor Pretends, Starr delves deep into his Greek ancestry to enlighten us all with the ancient art of Pretendism, thus saving the performing arts from the evil clutches of Method acting.